June 13 @Brest — Protests at “Warsaw Bridge” border post

More than 100 persons gathered on June 13 in the evening at Varshauski Most (Warsaw Bridge) border post near Brest, between Belarus and Poland.

People gathered protesting against the new regulations making it illegal to export diesel fuel and a number of other goods outside the Customs union.

Participants of the protest were met by leadership of Brest Border Troops GroupSyarhei Brytau, of Brest Customs House Leanid Dosau and of Brest police Uladzimir Sycheuski. The conversation with the protesters lasted for two hours, “Virtualy Brest” website informs.

The crowd offered to invite the chairman of Brest regional executive committee Kanstantsin Sumar, for him to accept responsibility personally, but they were denied.

The main question people were interested in was why their constitutional rights are violated. Some people brought the Constitution and read out the article about freedom of movement. Unfortunately, none of the representatives of the authorities could give an understandable answer what to do. However, rather obscure words were heard, that in the nearest future necessary recommendations would be worked out, and things will work out, but people would have to put up with the situation for the time being. They were even offered to fly by planes.

Policemen and KGB officers observed the conversation. The border crossing point is open, there was no queue from the Belarusian side. As said by the head of Brest Customs House, the stream of cars diminished after the new rules were imposed.

In the beginning of the rally a reporter of BelaPAN Milana Kharitonava was received an ultimatum from the KGB men to delete all pictures in her photo camera, as it appeared to them that they had been filmed.

Source: Charter 97.org (http://www.charter97.org/en/news/2011/6/14/39591/?utm_source=Political+News&utm_medium=twitter)


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