March 28 @ London: Belarus Protest and Performance


David Lan, Young Vic, and Michael Attenborough, Almeida Theatre, are asking people to join them and thir company members in marching on Monday to support the Free Theatre of Belarus and Index on Censorship in their campaign to free all political prisoners.

They say:

«We work in a country that allows us to express ourselves. What is happening in Belarus is the equivalent of the coalition government arresting all the staff of the Almeida, or the staff of the Young Vic and their families having to be on the constant alert in case they are kidnapped.

The Belarus Free Theatre are part of a community of storytellers linked throughout the world. But they aren’t allowed to tell their story. Please help to tell it by asking your company members and anyone else who can draw attention to their cause to join the march on Monday 28th March at 5pm, at The HQ of Grayling PR (who are currently attempting to lure investment into Belarus), Portland House, Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5BH. At 5.30pm we will walk to the Houses of Parliament where the Belarus Free Theatre and Jude Law will perform their play ‘Generation Jeans’ in front of MPs and 100 friends to ask the government for their help.

In New York, The Public Theatre managed to get 30 Theatre companies and hundreds of theatre makers to stand up in support of our friends in Belarus. We hope to match that.»

Please RSVP to if you can attend.



March 28 @ London: Belarus Protest and Performance: Один комментарий

  1. The PR action of “Grayling” and the PR-action of the “Belarus Free Theatre” (which is a hubbardist organization) are not necessary incompatible. In some way, they are complementary.

    Indeed, Belarusian authorities benefit a lot from the polarization of positions on Belarus. This polarization helps them to clearly separate the business issues from political statements (labeled in whole as emotional and manipulative), saying “it’s apples and oranges”. The more statements of international stars participating to the PR actions of Natalia Koliada and Nikolai Khalezin are emotional, and the more it is easy for Belarusian authorities to disqualify “political” statements in whole, as opposed to “economical” issues.

    Natalia Koliada and Nikolai Khalezin, certainly produce remarkable theatre in an oppressive society, but strangely, in spite of their radical political involvement, really oppressive aspects of this oppressive society do not concern them directly, and their account of the difficulties they face in Belarus is today largely recognized by local independent journalists as unfair and grossly exaggerating, for promotion purposes. To such an extent, that an independent journalist Mr. Suzdaltsev has recently suspected Natalia and Nikolai of working for the Belarusian government, functionally, as agents provocateurs or decoy-ducks. (It takes only to consider the rhetorical strategy of the Belarusian Ministry of foreign affairs — which often talks about «provocative actions», «emotional declarations», and «manipulative pressures» exerted by an «opposition minority» on international audiences, in order to stimulate unprofessional, tendentious, unverified, yellow or activist journalism papers and statements — to understand in which way the style of communicative action practiced by Natalia and Nikolai can be functionally useful for the Belarusian government.)

    Natalia Koliada is a follower of L. Ron Hubbard (Scientology founder) Management Technology which is a system of direct selling, a set of social or celebrity marketing doubtful manipulation methods, and a sum of unfair PR techniques.

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