Mar 19 @NYC: Belarusian movies screening at Kinofest NYC!

In this youth drama set in an anonymous Byelorussian industrial suburb, two alienated and lonely teens, Olga and Sergei fall in love then fantasize escaping their dead-end, full of teen alcoholism and meaningless violence surroundings. The two young lovers soon have to face the stark fact that their options are limited.

Director: Vladimir Kozlov, 60 min, Russian (w/Eng. subtitles), Belarus, 2010,

— Preceded by the film shorts:

Dreamlike short narrative shows schoolchildren on the verge of puberty playact, foreshadowing budding sexuality. Eroticism mixed with innocent, playful fantasy. Director: Maksym Bunitsky, 9 min, Ukrainian (w/Eng.subtitles), Ukraine

This visually stunning documentary depicts the daily hardscrabble existence of a group of coal miners and their supportive wives in one eastern Ukrainian mine. Several claustrophobia-inducing shots reveal to viewers the narrow shafts 300 feet below ground then pulls us up to sunlight via a rickety, antiquated pulley system. Director: Murat Mamedov, 22 min, Russian (w/Eng.subtitles), Ukraine, 2006,

An experimental multi-media online project using text and stills which tells a personal story set within the city of Minsk, Belarus over 4 seasons. Screening the first season, Autumn. Director: Ilya Andreyev, 8 min, English text, Belarus, 2008, website

$10 admission

Learn more:


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